Saturday, February 22, 2014

Softick PPP 3.03 Download Torrent

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Torrent Size: 13 mb
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Info Hash: b1806a3c2f7f0ccf1ff4f0dff88425d39e24a0af

Softick PPP is PPP server that can accept connections from the Palm device, working through USB cable / strollers, Bluetooth or serial interface. He also liaises Simulator emulator and development of software for Palm OS purposes.Softick PPP allows your handheld to access LAN and WAN without using an additional networking equipment. Personal computers are used as a gateway. Configure and run your own web application! You may experience problems with Softick PPP, when used with models unsupportedPDA. (Some Sony Clies).? Palm m500/m505: An attempt to perform a HotSync operation established PPP session failure PDA. This is a problem, Palm OS, with Softick PPP does not install any software on the controller.? Palm Zire similarYou and you can not connect two Palm Zire hand at the same time. They modelsshare same serial number USB Manager for Windows PnP and treat them as a single unit. Serial number on the device, if it exists, must be unique for each device to have the same USB Vendor ID and Product ID. Unfortunately PalmOne / Handspring mistakenly device software with the same serial number. If two or more USB devices with the same serial numbers are connected to the same system, only the first connected functions. ? Manage Crash.You energy needed to complete all USB PPP sessions before entering the sleep mode on a desktop computer. PalmUSB driver incorrectly handles the power transition andcan garbage instead of the correct data file back Softick PPP.? One Bluetooth devicesOnly several Palm OS devices can be connected via PPP Softick Bluetoothconnection time. ? ICMP echo (ping) Current Softick PPP does not implement / response ICMP (Ping) protocol support. If you need this feature, consider using 1.xx Softick PPP? Application event takes PPP Timeoutn NetLibClose / NetLibOpen immediately (it can also be modeled in Settings-> Control Panel Network Connect, briefly pressing the button / Disable) PPP connection can not be established forsome PDA models.? Period of 21 days trial

Softick PPP torrentSoftick PPP

Size: 13 MB
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Developer: Softick Company

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