Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Bomes Mouse Keyboard 2.0.0 Download Torrent

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Use the mouse and the computer keyboard as a music keyboard! This program allows you to play music as if you had a MIDI keyboard connected to your computer. For example, compose your songs while on the road with a laptop, or play software synthesizers like Reason live with the computer keyboard. In addition, it can serve as a virtual control surface, using the mouse, mouse wheel, joystick, keyboard and mouse as input.Bomes application is designed to simulate a music keyboard that you can play with your mouse or computer keyboard . You can control MIDI devices, with no real keyboard - for example, you can play the internal synth of your sound card. With a virtual MIDI cable (eg Hubis loopback device or MIDI Ioke) can play any sequence in the sequencer or via an external synthesizer through the chord-producer bomes Mouse Keyboard. In addition, you can define them, and knobs with any MIDI controller. In addition, you can use the mouse wheel and joystick to send messages to the controller. Here are some key features of booms s Mouse Keyboard:? play and compose music with the computer mouse or keyboard? play and entire chords with a single tap. With the strong editor! ? transpose all MIDI notes? The instrument name support for scripts patch? user-definable knobs to control MIDI synthesizers and software? use the mouse wheel to send pitch bend and control? using their clubs as a MIDI controller? tutorials for Reason (with control surface mapping), Cubase, Sonar, AcidRekuirements:? Some type of connector MIDI / synth / sound card limits? 30-day trial

Bomes Mouse Keyboard torrentBomes Mouse Keyboard

Size: 13 MB
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Other AUDIO Tools
Developer: Bome Software

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