Sunday, February 9, 2014

OxyCube [x64-x86] Portable krahndavid Download Torrent

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OxyCube brings you the latest përvojëne phone and manage the contents of your smartphone and settings via PC. It continues the legacy of popular synchronization solutions: Oxygen Phone Manager I, II. Integrating and developing all advantages of its predecessors, OxyCube has made a huge step towards simplicity of use. He straightened out all procedures from device connection to content management. Now you can enjoy full control of your phone or smartphone with an impeccable interface with high standards of efficiency and comfort. OxyCube you with quick and convenient access to the directory, organizer, messages, event log and files. Phonebook features are enhanced with the ability to add additional fields and memory optimization functions. As the organizer, OxyCube into a flexible, allowing display events for different time periods, like day, workweek, week and month. Event log provides information on your recent communications in a very neat and organized. Messages section allows you to manage messages in an Outlook-like interface. The available data can be exported in different formats or printed immediately. OxyCube has a powerful file browser for managing mobile content. It can play ringtones and videos, as well as view and resize images. All the features of OxyCube make a universal assistant for people actively using their phones. Storing contact information, planning a schedule, sending messages, viewing photos and videos - all this gets better with OxyCube. This is what you need if you tried PC Suite and wish to obtain a more powerful tool with nicer controls and a wider range characteristics. This is especially true for smartphones as OxyCubes full functionality remains available for smartphones while PC Suite offers backup and synchronization only. OxyCube works with Nokia and all Symbian-based smartphones. This includes more than 500 models, but future versions support Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices.

OxyCube torrentOxyCube

Size: 14 MB
Category: Internet|Telephony / SMS & GSM
Developer: Oxygen Software

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