Thursday, December 5, 2013

Network Mechanic 3.1.4 Installer Download Torrent

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Network?? Mechanic is a program that optimizes your Internet connection, providing faster transfer speeds and fewer delays while Browse E. Network?? Mechanic acts as a network?? No connection acceleration?? Cocks. That?? Did not parameters are packet size, receive and transmit window sizes,?? Number and size of buffers used usually adapted to qualified professionals. Now, with the help on?? Ego program you can optimize TCP / IP protocol in accordance with the va?? Imi mo?? Istics network?? Without a who?? Studying all bases TCP / IP network?? Them. How to Network?? Was a Mechanic? Network?? But Mechanic required to provide basic information about the network?? Them and uses this information to analyze your?? Ego system. Then adjust the network settings?? Yeah, to maximize your Internet (Web) fails?? Community. And unlike programs such as TweakDUN and InternetBoost it is safe to change the TCP / IP settings low level, without forcing you to understand a bunch of network? 'Yes'? Argon. What Network?? But Mechanic actually do? Network?? Changing a Mechanic?? Many parameters that control how your?? TCP / IP stack of running. Depending on your operating system and your?? S choice of how you use your computer to select settings to change and what would be the appropriate value of the parameter to be. Partial list of parameters examines and (may) adjust the scope: the default time?? Life, higher handset, Black Hole Router Detection, to keep it?? Iv interval Home?? Wide buffer, on average?? Number of buffer, the low bumper Count, Default reception window, Default On?? Send field, in large portions blah?? prosecutor, the average size of the buffer, and so on. To be chosen values ​​vary depending on the operating system and type of network settings?? Yeah you.

Network Mechanic torrentNetwork Mechanic

Size: 811 MB
Category: Tweak|Network Tweak
Developer: Benutec Software INC

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