Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zero-X BeatCreator 3.32 Portable Download Torrent

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BeatCreator software is designed to be a powerful rhythmic loop editing / processing / creating sample editor.BeatCreator provides a common sample editing and DSP tools. How BeatCreator can reduce the loop, giving you the power to edit / process each top slice individualli.On that there are tons of unique groovy tools that can make interesting variations of their gourds, cut them in a short time. Most of them are also peppered powerful random generator that will get you started in no time.-slice processor creates the heart of a sample or make unlimited Variations es its loop. For each slice you control values ​​for several reasons, such as filter mode, resonant frequency, decay, filter, pitch and volume / overdrive. A whole range of values ​​can be saved and applied to other loops. -Reorganization-Re-arrange the order of slices in loop. just drag the piece to change its position or use Randomizer to achieve groovy and unexpected results. It also has a tool for the exchange, which allows you to replace a piece during the second. Kuantize-slice (a), quantifies Manual and Automatic automatic one slice or slices of everyone in your loop. Balance is supported. Manual quantification is done by simply dragging the marker share (holding Shift) to a new position. Kuantize-crawler-After quantification, you can run the crawler slices to stretch to fill the gaps and resolve overlapping slices compress the kuantizing.-PCP - Standard processor for each controlled slice in the loop, you can set the value of the selected effect, setting the standard. There are plenty of effects and pattern to choose between the two. You can insert your own form or use the random sample generator. Forms can be saved and applied to other loops. Time-Stretch-superior temporal stretcher BeatCreator are great for stretching both mono (bass lines, vocals, saxophone and other instruments play a single note) and polyphonic (music, drums and any instrument playing chords) samples. Replacement or you can replace all slices in a band / tie with another sample or you can mark a group of slices to be replaced. -There is an option play just to maintain the level of momentum. -For example, you can replace all the shocks hitting the slopes or just replace the pitfalls of drum loops or why not be a little wild and use the hihat pattern like bass line. All this with just a few mouse clicks Formula Wave Shaper-Create your own pattern and mathematical formulas, for example, be used as raw material to create a groove. Slice or PCP. Save / Export / Send SCSI processor and a period of 30 days PoliStretcher.

Zero-X BeatCreator torrentZero-X BeatCreator

Size: 14 MB
Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Editors/Recorders
Developer: Peter Segherdahl

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